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Update on Stone Harbor Beach Access

The Borough of Stone Harbor Public Works Department has worked hard to ensure that our beach crossovers are accessible and safe for all residents and visitors.

At this time all beach crossovers are Open!

Please enjoy our beautiful beaches!

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Water Line Break update – All clear

There is no longer a need for residents on the 300 Block of 95th Street to boil their water before use.  All test results taken by the DEP came back clear.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this precautionary action caused.

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Water Main Break Notice

There has been a major Water Main break that effects all properties on the 300 Block of 95th Street.  Please click on the link below to read the notice.   Updates on the status of the repairs will be posted on this site.

Public Notice 3 4 2016

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Borough of Stone Harbor Introduces 2016 Municipal Budget


Borough of Stone Harbor Introduces 2016 Municipal Budget


Borough Council President and Chairman of Administration and Finance Committee, Mr. Barry Mastrangelo offered the proposed 2016 Budget for introduction at a council meeting on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Mastrangelo offered the following budget message as his introduction:

It is my pleasure Madame Mayor to make the motion to introduce the 2016 Municipal Budget. The Borough Administrator Jill Gougher along with Chief Financial Officer James Craft began the process back in September of 2015 providing expenditure histories and worksheet forms to all Department Heads.  They were instructed to schedule at least two meetings with their Council Committees to discuss all Operating and Capital budget requests.

The Administration and Finance committee charged all departments with the task to once again maintain or reduce their budget from the 2015 level wherever possible.   The focus for 2016 was to continue the Dredging of the Back Bays, Construction of a new Public Safety Building, installation of sentinel well as a requirement for our water allocation increase and various road, drainage and flood prevention improvements.  The 2016 Budget as presented this evening will allow the Borough to continue these much needed projects while continuing to provide our residents with the high quality of service they expect.  I am extremely proud to announce that the budget as presented results in no municipal tax increase in 2016.  The municipal rate will remain at 23.9 Cents.

A copy of the 2016 Budget will be posted on our website and sent to the POA and various media outlets for our property owners to review. On April 5th the Borough will hold a Public Hearing on the proposed budget.  At that time residents may ask questions.  Residents are encouraged to review the budget documents that will be placed online prior to the Public Hearing.  If they have any questions, concerns or recommendations please send them to the Borough Administrator who will share them with all of Council.  At this time I would like to turn it over to the Borough Administrator and Chief Financial Officer for additional information prior to taking a vote on Introduction.

Borough Administrator Gougher thanked all the Department Heads and Council Committees for all their hard work putting the 2016 Budget together. Gougher further stated that “Because of those efforts I want to highlight that the Amount to Be Raised by Taxation will increase slightly by $20,000.  Because of the increase in assessed value over 2015 the actual tax rate will remain the same at 23.9 cents. “

Salary and Wages increased overall by $190,030.02, Other Appropriations increased by $192,579, Capital Improvements decreased by $(88,231), Debt Service increased slightly by $3,318 for total increase of $366,300.08.

To offset the $366,300.08 in appropriation increases the Borough is able to utilize an additional $318,787.47 in Surplus and $7,512.61 in other revenues. As previously mentioned, the balance of the appropriation increase was offset by an additional amount to be raised by taxation of $20,000.00. An in-depth presentation will be presented on April 5th before the Public Hearing on the budget.  The detailed presentation will be posted on the Borough Website for property owners to review in advance of the Public Hearing.

Click on the following links to review more detailed information about the 2016 Municipal Budget:

STONE HARBOR – Introduced BUDGET 2016

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Sevenson Environmental meets with Property Owners for Private Slip Dredging

On Saturday, November 7, 2015 Sevenson Environmental Representatives met with property owners to discuss what the necessary steps will be to obtain a quote for dredging private slips.  Sevenson handed out draft agreements and asked residents to fill in contact information only and return to Sevenson as soon as possible.  Once received the property owner will be contacted by a representative of Sevenson to do a site visit.  Once completed they will be able to provide homeowner with a price to have their individual slip(s) dredge while the contractor is dredging the adjacent basin.  According to Sevenson their tentative schedule is to begin dredging the North Basin as soon as Thursday, November 12th and Shelter Haven on Tuesday, November 17th followed by  Carnival Bay on Friday, November 20th, Sanctuary Bay on December 7th and Paradise Bay on December 14th.  (Dates are only an estimate) The remaining basins are scheduled for September of 2016, however the Borough has submitted a plan modification to NJDEP and ACOE to have the Winter Flounder restrictions lifted.  Once approved the Contractor will then be able to extend the time of dredging several months.  It will be possible that the basins scheduled in 2016 will be moved forward and done in the beginning of 2016 instead of fall of 2016. The Borough will post updates on the schedule frequently.    It is important for those property owners in these areas to get their contact information back to Sevenson as soon as possible.  Almost all in attendance turned their forms in immediately.  If you were unable to attend the meeting a link to a  copy of the paperwork is below.  Please fill in the highlighted areas and email back to Sevenson as soon as possible or drop off to Borough Hall attention to:  Jill Gougher, Borough Administrator.  We will get form to contractor immediately.  Any questions can be emailed to Sevenson at stoneharbor@sevenson.com or call 716-998-2086.

Authorization for Price to Dredge Form

To view the most recent survey showing dredging limits for Basins and Private Slips click on link below:

A067772_Condition Survey_1.0






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