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Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 6th – 12th, 2018

The Borough of Stone Harbor is entirely in the Special Flood Hazard Zone.  All residents and visitors are encouraged to review the following information provided to best prepare for the upcoming 2018 Hurricane Season.

For Additional information regarding Flood Safety, Flood Mitigation, Elevation Certificates, National Flood Insurance Program and additional measures that the Borough of Stone Harbor   incorporates within our Community Rating System Certification please click on the following link:

Borough of Stone Harbor Flood Information

Hurricanes are not just a coastal problem. Their impacts can be felt hundreds of miles inland, and significant impacts can occur without it being a major hurricane. Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 6-12, 2018) is your time to prepare for a potential land-falling tropical storm or hurricane.

Find out today what types of wind and water hazards could happen where you live, and then start preparing now for how to handle them. Hurricanes are not just a coastal problem. Their impacts can be felt hundreds of miles inland, and significant impacts can occur without it being a major hurricane. Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 6-12, 2018) is your time to prepare for a potential land-falling tropical storm or hurricane.

The first thing you need to do is find out if you live in a storm surge hurricane evacuation zone or if you’re in a home that would be unsafe during a hurricane. If you are, figure out where you’d go and how you’d get there if told to evacuate. You do not need to travel hundreds of miles. Identify someone, perhaps a friend or relative who doesn’t live in a zone or unsafe home, and work it out with them to use their home as your evacuation destination. Be sure to account for your pets, as most local shelters do not permit them. Put the plan in writing for you and those you care about.

Find Your Evacuation Zone

You’re going to need supplies not just to get through the storm but for the potentially lengthy and unpleasant aftermath. Have enough non-perishable food, water and medicine to last each person in your family a minimum of one week. Electricity and water could be out for at least that long. You’ll need extra cash, a battery-powered radio and flashlights. Many of us have cell phones, and they all run on batteries. You’re going to need a portable, crank or solar powered USB charger.

Hurricane Disaster Kit

Call your insurance company or agent and ask for an insurance check-up to make sure you have enough homeowners insurance to repair or even replace your home. Don’t forget coverage for your car or boat. Remember, standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding. Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, you’ll need a separate policy for it, and it’s available through your company, agent or the National Flood Insurance Program at Act now as flood insurance requires a 30-day waiting period.

If Disaster Strikes; Will You be Covered?

If you plan to ride out the storm in your home, make sure it is in good repair and up to local hurricane building code specifications. Many of these retrofits do not cost much or take as long to do as you may think. Have the proper plywood, steel or aluminum panels to board up the windows and doors. Remember, the garage door is the most vulnerable part of the home, so it must be able to withstand the winds.

FEMA Mitigation

Protect Your Home From Flooding (Video)

Many Americans rely on their neighbors after a disaster, but there are also many ways you can help your neighbors before a hurricane approaches. Learn about all the different actions you and your neighbors can take to prepare and recover from the hazards associated with hurricanes. Start the conversation now with these Neighbor Helping Neighbor strategies.

The time to prepare for a hurricane is before the season begins, when you have the time and are not under pressure. If you wait until a hurricane is on your doorstep, the odds are that you will be under duress and will make the wrong decisions. Take the time now to write down your hurricane plan. Know where you will ride out the storm and get your supplies now. You don’t want to be standing in long lines when a hurricane warning is issued. Those supplies that you need will probably be sold out by the time you reach the front of the line. Being prepared, before a hurricane threatens, makes you resilient to the hurricane impacts of wind and water. It will mean the difference between your being a hurricane victim and a hurricane survivor.

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Traffic Advisory ~ May 3rd, 2018

Please be advised that Third Avenue will be closed from 96th Street to 98th Street the morning of Thursday, May 3rd, from 7:30am to 9:30am.

Please plan your route accordingly to avoid any delays.


Traffic Advisory ~ May 3rd, 20182018-05-24T18:20:58+00:00

2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report/CCR

The Borough of Stone Harbor Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is designed to inform you about the quality water service we deliver to you every day.  Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.

Please click the link below to view the 2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report/CCR2018-04-30T15:31:20+00:00

Reminder from South Jersey Gas ~ Service Reconnections

Just a reminder that South Jersey gas continues to upgrade service lines that run from the gas mains in the street to household meters within the Borough of Stone Harbor.

In order to complete the service line replacement the contractor has to temporarily shut off gas service to the property.  They will need to access your property to reconnect/relight your appliances and perform safety checks.

There are a few homeowners that have not contacted the contractor to schedule an appointment to reconnect/relight the gas service.

If your property is located on Sunset and Corinthian (near Pleasure Bay and Carnival Bay)  you must contact Utility Line Services, on behalf of South Jersey Gas, at (609)363-9600 ext 402 or e-mail and reference “Stone Harbor Project” to schedule an appointment to restore your service.

If you property is located within the following locations:

100 & 300 Block of 89th Street

200 Block of 84th Street

87th & Third Avenue

Linden Lane

200 Block of 107th Street

100 & 300 Block of 94th Street

200 Block of 81st Street

100 & 200 Block of 85th Street

200 & 300 Block of 87th Street

100 Block of 92nd Street

and you discover that you are without gas service you must contact Lantier Construction, on behalf of South Jersey Gas, at (732)608-1600 or e-mail and reference “Stone Harbor Project” to schedule an appointment to restore your service.


If you have already established an appointment to have your gas service reconnected there is no need to contact the contractor at this time.




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Ocean Drive Marathon 4/22/18 ~ Traffic Alert



The Ocean Drive Marathon will be held on Sunday, April 22, 2018. The race will use an out-and-back format. As a result, Ocean Drive will be closed from 117th Street in Stone Harbor to North Wildwood Blvd. This closed section of Ocean Drive includes the Great Channel Bridge. Traffic looking to head south out of town during the event should utilize the Garden State Parkway as an alternate route.

In addition, drivers should use caution at the following intersections:

80th Street and 2nd Avenue
80th Street and 1st Avenue
111th Street and 1st Avenue
111th Street and 2nd Avenue
117th Street and 2nd Avenue
117th Street and Third Avenue

Runners should enter the Borough around 10:00am and exit by 1:30pm.





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Temporary Water Service Interruption – 4/17/18

The Stone Harbor Department of Utilities will be making repairs to the water main as well as installing a new water service within the 100 block of 96th Street on Tuesday, April 17th between the hours of 8:00am and 3:30pm.

The work being completed will result in a temporary interruption of water service to all residential and commercial properties within this area.

The Utilities Department will do their best to restore the water service as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience created by this event.

Temporary Water Service Interruption – 4/17/182018-04-26T13:48:33+00:00

Coastal Flood Warning ~ April 16, 2018

Monday, April 16th, 6:55am: Coastal Flood Warning Issued, Storm Front to Arrive

The National Weather Service has issued a Coastal Flood Warning for the Jersey Shore for Monday, April 16thuntil 1:00pm.  There is a chance of minor to moderate coastal flooding at time of high tide which occurs at the Townsend’s Inlet Bridge between Avalon and Sea Isle City at 8:59am today.

An approaching front will bring heavy rain, strong winds, and the potential for thunderstorms this morning.  This could exacerbate this morning’s high tide.  Never attempt to drive on any street that is flooded.  If you have any emergency, dial 911.

Here is the text of the Coastal Flood Warning issued by the National Weather Service:

Coastal Flood Warning

Coastal Hazard Message National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 549 AM EDT Mon Apr 16 2018

Cumberland-Atlantic-Cape May-Atlantic Coastal Cape May- Coastal Atlantic-Southeastern Burlington- 549 AM EDT Mon Apr 16 2018

…COASTAL FLOOD WARNING IN EFFECT UNTIL 1 PM EDT THIS AFTERNOON…  The National Weather Service in Mount Holly has issued a Coastal Flood Warning, which is in effect until 1 PM EDT this afternoon. The Coastal Flood Advisory is no longer in effect.

* LOCATIONS…Coastal areas of Southern New Jersey and Delaware   Bay.

* COASTAL FLOODING…Minor to moderate flooding around the time   of high tide this morning.

* TIMING…High tide on the New Jersey oceanfront occurs between   8:00 AM to 9:00 AM this morning. High tide on the back bays  occurs later than the high tide on the oceanfront.

* SURGE…2 to 3 feet above the astronomical tide.

* WAVES…7 to 12 feet on the Atlantic coastal waters, and 3 to   5 feet on Delaware Bay.

* IMPACTS…Roadway flooding is expected and some roads may be   closed due to high water. In addition, heavy rain could further  exacerbate impacts.

PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS…  A Coastal Flood Warning means that flooding is occurring or imminent. Coastal residents in the warned area should be alert for rising water…and take appropriate action to protect life and property.  Do not drive your vehicle through flood waters. The water may be deeper than you think it is. You will be putting yourself in danger and your vehicle may be damaged…leading to costly repairs.

Coastal Flood Warning ~ April 16, 20182018-04-26T13:49:04+00:00

Stone Harbor Beach Sweep ~ Saturday, April 21, 2018


Clean Ocean Action Spring Beach Sweep 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

9:00am – 12:30pm

Please join the Clean Ocean Action, Borough of Stone Harbor, Stone Harbor Property Association and The Wetlands Institute by volunteering for the Spring Beach Sweep (or clean up!)  to help preserve Stone Harbor Beaches and Dunes!!

No Pre-registration is necessary!

All Volunteers should meet at the Beach Patrol headquarters, 95th Street and the Beach and are encouraged to bring gloves and dress appropriately for the weather.  Trash bags and trash pickers will be provided.  

The Beach Sweeps events are more than people picking-up trash from beaches.  This program builds community support for solutions, as well as raises awareness about the negative impacts of litter on wildlife and the ocean.

Since 1985, over 115,800 volunteers have participated and removed over 5.9 million pieces of debris from New Jersey’s beaches and waterways.


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Arbor Day Celebration ~ April 27th, 2018

The Stone Harbor Elementary School will be hosting the annual Arbor Day Celebration on Friday, April 27th @ 1:30pm.  This event will be taking place out on the playground at Stone Harbor School, 275 93rd Street.

Grades K-4 will be sharing songs, stories, poems, and Arbor Day facts in honor of the celebration.

The Stone Harbor Garden Club has generously donated the Arbor Day Tree.

Each year the school plants a tree to honor someone the school community admires and appreciates. This year’s tree is being dedicated to Mr. David Hoy, a longtime member of the Stone Harbor Elementary School family.

The Borough of Stone Harbor, in partnership with The Lomax Consulting Group, will be distributing tree seedlings as Arbor Day Gifts to Stone Harbor Elementary Students.

For the homeowner, Arbor Day is an excellent opportunity to take stock of the trees on your property and plan for the future. Inspect your trees noting any broken branches or evidence of disease or insect infestation. Think about how planting new trees might improve the look of your property or provide wind or heat protection.  The Borough strongly encourages the planting of native species adapted to the unique growing conditions on a coastal barrier island.

The Stone Harbor Shade Tree Committee has prepared a pamphlet which provides information on the importance of maintaining and replacing trees indigenous to our area. The Borough has earned approval of the Community Forestry Management Plan, which sets goals for managing and maintaining the Borough’s tree resources.

As a Tree City USA community for 20 years, the Borough is a recognized leader in responsible stewardship of its trees. Arbor Day is a perfect opportunity to recognize these accomplishments and remind residents and visitors alike of the importance of trees. By gifting trees to the elementary students the Borough aims to inspire future stewardship by the next generation.

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