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North end beaches to be nourished to complete historic beach fill project

(Stone Harbor, NJ)—Stone Harbor’s spring beach fill project will enter its final stages during the evening hours of Thursday, May 18th.  Mayor Judy Davies-Dunhour and other Borough officials attended a progress meeting at the Stone Harbor Volunteer Fire Department earlier in the day.

“We are excited that our community will have a fully restored protective and recreational beach in advance of the summer season”, Mayor Davies-Dunhour said. “This beach fill project has made significant progress and despite unanticipated and unnecessary delays, I can report that this project will be completed ahead of schedule”.

The dredge “Texas” operated by Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company will remain in Townsend’s Inlet between Avalon and Sea Isle City for this final phase of the project. Approximately 320,000 cubic yards of sand will be placed on the north end beaches in Stone Harbor starting at 80th Street on or about May 21st.  This project will operate 24 hours a day with an anticipated completion date on or about June 10th.  Beach fill projects are suspended only for unsafe weather conditions or mechanical issues with the dredge.

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company has placed 24,000 feet of submerged pipeline that runs in the Atlantic Ocean from Townsend’s Inlet to the landing zone on the 84th Street beach.  This is necessary because of an application of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act by the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife that both Stone Harbor and Avalon believe was misapplied for this project.  Ample sand exists in the Hereford Inlet borrow zone but cannot be used since this portion of the beach fill is financed with federal dollars.

The project will not be suspended during Memorial Day weekend. All beaches in Stone Harbor remain open for the summer kickoff weekend with the exception of approximately two blocks of beach immediately north and south of the construction zone, which will move in a southerly direction.  It is possible the beach fill project will be in the vicinity of 95th Street on Memorial Day, May 29th.

“Stone Harbor residents and visitors are so deeply appreciative of the value of beach fill projects and the resiliency they provide to protect our special community”, Mayor Davies-Dunhour said. “We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding of how important this project is to a community that may be exposed to the very worst storms in the North Atlantic.  As the project moves south, the small number of beaches that are inaccessible in the construction zone are re-opened to the public”.

Stone Harbor will continue to provide updates on the final stage of this project on its municipal website,




Stone Harbor Beach Tag Pick-up/Purchase Update



Borough Hall will be closed Friday, May 19th, 2017 between the hours of 11:30am – 1:30pm so that all employees can attend a luncheon recognizing their dedication and years of service to the Borough of Stone Harbor.

Anyone wishing to purchase 2017 Seasonal Beach tags during those hours can do so at the Stone Harbor Chamber of Commerce Office located at 212 96th Street.  All prepaid beach tags must be picked up at Borough Hall before 11:30am or after 1:30pm.

Anyone wishing to purchase (or pick up pre-paid tags) this coming weekend (5/20 & 5/21) can do so at the 95th Street Beach tag office from 10am to 4pm.



Now you can purchase your Stone Harbor beach tags on you mobile device.  

Click here to see how it works:    

    2017 Stone Harbor Beach tags


To purchase tags by mail at pre-season price, send check with name and address, phone number and the number of tags desired. Order form(s) must be received prior to May 31, 2017. Tags will be held under your name at the Beach Tag Office located in the Beach Patrol Building – Beach Tag Office – 95th Street the Beach – (609) 368-6805 2017-Beach-Tag-Mail-Order-Form 

2017 Seasonal tags through May 31st $23

2017 Seasonal tags beginning June 1st $28

2017 Weekly tags (Saturday – Saturday) $12

2017 Daily tags $6

All persons 12 and over must display tags the Friday of Memorial weekend to Monday of Labor Day weekend, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


The Borough of Stone Harbor hopes that you have a wonderful summer season and enjoy our beautiful beaches.



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County Announces Plan to Help Decrease the Number of Rabies Cases

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COURT HOUSE – In response to an increase in animal rabies cases, Freeholder Jeffery Pierson announced that the Departments of Health and Mosquito Control will be working together to distribute 31,320 vaccine-laden baits throughout the mainland communities of Cape May County. The majority of the baits will be distributed by helicopter and the remaining will be distributing by hand in raccoon habitats (such as storm drains) and other areas considered inaccessible from the air.  If weather permits, the baits will be distributed throughout the month of May 2017.

Health Officer Kevin Thomas informed residents that, “the bait will have a warning label and include a Cape May County Department of Health telephone number for inquiries and for people to call if contact with the bait occurs.” Additionally, signs will be posted on utility poles in mainland communities to alert residents that oral rabies vaccine bait has been distributed in their neighborhood.

This vaccination program will help to reduce the number of animals with rabies such as raccoons, result in fewer encounters between rabid wildlife, pets, and people,” said Thomas. The vaccine is not harmful to wild animals or pets. Although the exposure risk to humans is very slight, the following information is important:

* Be aware of what bait looks like.

* Encourage children to leave the baits alone.

* Keep dogs and cats inside or on leashes at least five days after your area has been baited.

* Do not attempt to take bait away from your pet; you may be bitten!

* Wash your hands or exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water if you touch the bait or the liquid vaccine inside the bait.

To ensure that animal rabies is controlled and that people and pets are protected, pet owners must do their part by vaccinating their dogs and cats against rabies. Additionally, people should not approach wild animals themselves – instead call the local animal control officer for assistance.

Rabies is a fatal disease in humans and any animal bite should be taken seriously. The rabies virus is shed in the saliva of animals that are infected with the virus. If you are bit by an animal, wash the wound, seek medical attention immediately, and call the Cape May County Department of Health and your municipal animal control agency. If you are exposed to a rabid or suspected rabid animal, you must receive rabies shots as soon as possible to prevent the disease. If your pet has contact with a wild animal, contact your veterinarian and the Department of Health right away.

If you have questions about the County’s wild animal rabies vaccination program, call the Health Department at 465-1209. For more information on animal rabies, go to the Environmental Division at:  and to receive information on public health news and local events, “like” the Cape May County Department of Health on Facebook.




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Avalon/Stone Harbor Beach Fill Update May 11th, 2017

Avalon/Stone Harbor Beach Fill Update May 11th, 2017

Stone Harbor Representatives attended the Weekly progress meeting with state and federal officials, and Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company on May 11th. There has been significant progress with the beach fill, with the construction zone centered on the 20th Street beach in Avalon this morning.  Over 830,000 cubic yards of sand have been placed on the beach with only 100,000 cubic yards remaining in this main area of the project.  The dredge “Texas” will continue to work through the day on Thursday and until Friday at 12 Noon.  At that time, the “Texas” will leave Townsend’s Inlet for safe harbor in Cape May due to the approaching coastal storm that is expected to produce unsafe 10-foot seas in the Inlet.  While the “Texas” is in safe harbor, various repairs will be made on the dredge.  The “Texas” is expected to return to the Inlet Monday afternoon/evening and begin pumping sand again Monday evening/early Tuesday morning.

There are only two and a half days of pumping remaining for the “Texas” once it leaves Avalon on Friday. The area of the beach fill from 20th Street south to 30th Street is much thinner than the northern limits of the project meaning production rate should be much quicker.  It is anticipated that this portion of the project will conclude on or about May 17th.

Once the “Texas” is finished with this portion of the beach fill, it will remain in Townsend’s Inlet for the final stage of the project, an FCCE beach fill that will include the southernmost three blocks of beach in Avalon in the hotel district, and the northern Stone Harbor beaches up to 105th Street.  There will be no pipe extending along the Avalon beach front as a second, submerged pipe is in place to run offshore and pump sand onto the southern Avalon/northern Stone Harbor beaches.  The landing zone for that dredge pipe will be on 84th Street in Stone Harbor.

The Avalon portion of that project will be done first, and should take only a day or two to complete. It is anticipated that it will be conducted on or about May 18th-20th, depending on weather conditions.  During that time, the three blocks of Avalon beach where work will be done will be closed for safety reasons.  As soon as the Avalon beach is done between 77th and 80th Street, the pipe is removed from the beach, and the beach fill continues in a southerly direction through northern Stone Harbor.  95% of that sub line pipe has already been placed in the Atlantic Ocean by Great Lakes, so the down time between the Avalon project and the FCCE project will be a day, or less.  There will be 23 dredging days for the FCCE portion of the project with only two of those days at the start, in Avalon.


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Important Advisory from Middle Twp. Police Regarding Kerosene Purchases

The Middle Township Police Department is attempting to locate anyone who purchased Kerosene at the Riggins Gas Station, located at 401 Route 9 South, Cape May Court House, between April 24th and May 10th, 2017.  On April 24th, a delivery of gas was accidentally placed into the kerosene tank at that location.  Since then approximately 85 gallons of the kerosene mixed with gas has been sold.

It is extremely important that this mixture is not used as it is an extreme fire hazard, especially if used if kerosene heaters.

Through license plates we have identified several people who have purchased the mixture but have been unable to notify them as of this release.

Anyone who may have purchased kerosene from the Riggins in Cape May Court House between April 24th and May 10th, contact the Middle Township Police Department immediately at 609-465-8700.

The Riggins Gas Station asks t hat anyone who purchased this mixture return it to that location or call the main office if you are unable to do so at 856-825-7600.

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Stone Harbor Revaluation Update

Borough of Stone Harbor Revaluation Update

Vital Communications is pleased to report the progress to date of the revaluation for the Borough of Stone Harbor.

To date, Vital has completed initial fieldwork for inspections on 91 Class 1 (vacant) properties, 2,360 Class 2 (residential) properties, 25 Class 4 (business/commercial) properties and 46 Class 15 (Exempt) properties.

Vital Communications is conducting interior inspections on an appointment basis weekdays, on demand, as well as Saturdays.

Digital photographs and exterior measurements are being taken for all improved properties at the time of the initial inspection.

For your convenience, you can contact Vital Communications at (609)272-6690 to schedule the required inspection of your property. Please have your property information on hand to facilitate the scheduling.  Otherwise, the Vital Inspectors are canvassing the Borough weekdays through October.

The Revaluation is scheduled to be completed by November 2017. Upon completion of the revaluation process, homeowners will be notified of their new assessment.  An informal meeting may be established with Vital Communications to discuss any questions or concerns that homeowners may have regarding their new assessment.  Those meetings will be held in Borough Hall or by phone.

If you should have any questions regarding the process for revaluation, please contact the Tax Assessor, Margaret Slavin at (609)368-6812 or e-mail



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Road Closure May 15th -17th

To ensure public safety during the demolition of the “Henny’s” Building located at 9622-28 Third Avenue please note the following road closure and parking restrictions that will be in effect on May 15th, 16th & 17th:

Third Avenue between 96th Street and 97th Street will be closed to through traffic from 8:00am to 6:00pm

There will be “NO PARKING” on the 9600 Block of Third Avenue each day between 8:00am to 6:00pm

There will be “NO PARKING” on the entire 200 block of 97th Street each day from 8:00am to 6:00pm

97th Street will remain open to vehicle traffic however the sidewalk surrounding the construction site will be closed to foot traffic.




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Hurricane Preparedness Week May 7th -13th


Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30. Now is the time to get ready to protect your home and family from the next hurricane.  Homeowners should establish an emergency plan, review their homeowners insurance policies, and update their emergency supplies.

What you should know about Hurricanes

The time to prepare for a hurricane is before the season begins. Take the time now to write down your hurricane plan, know where you will stay or go to be safe for the storm, and get your supplies.

The most dangerous threat from hurricanes and tropical storms is flooding and storm surge.                  Storm Surge Facts

Download the FEMA app for disaster resources, weather alerts, and safety tips.

A simplified, high-resolution version of the "Weather the Storm: Download the FEMA App" promotional graphic, created June 2016. 

For more info, visit

Mark your calendars! 

The Borough of Stone Harbor will be hosting an informational meeting for homeowners on Flood Insurance and Flood Mitigation.


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