Semi Annual Report of Stone Harbor Beaches 2017


Please Click on the Following Link to view the Semi-Annual Report of Stone Harbor Beaches completed by Stockton University Coastal Research Center.

Semi-Annual Report on Stone Harbor Beaches 2017

This report was completed by the Stockton University Coastal Research Center to the Borough of Stone Harbor on beach conditions as of June 12, 2017.  The United State Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Beach Replenishment Project was very successful in spite of early work done by the State from Hereford Inlet getting impacted by the March 14, 2017 NE storm.  The later work with sand pumped from Townsends Inlet was all in place with the sand volume gain erasing prior years of loss from the beach.



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Stone Harbor Captures Mayor’s Cup Bocce Tournament in Avalon

Stone Harbor defeated Avalon, 11-9 in the championship game of the Mayor’s Cup Bocce Tournament held at Avalon’s 39th Street Bocce Courts on Saturday, May 20th.  Avalon and Stone Harbor advanced to the championship game by eliminating both Wildwood Crest and Middle Township earlier in the competition.  Stone Harbor takes the Mayor’s Cup for one year before defending its title in 2018; Avalon defeated Stone Harbor in the last tournament to win the inaugural cup.

Mayors from Middle Township (Michael Clark), Wildwood Crest (Carl Groom), Stone Harbor (Judy Davies-Dunhour) and Avalon (Marty Pagliughi) captained their respective teams.

Photos by Avalon Public Information Officer/Business Administrator Scott Wahl.

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Christie Administration Awards 2.7 Million Grant to Mitigate Flooding and Protect Public Safety in Stone Harbor


TRENTON – The Christie Administration today announced that Stone Harbor has been awarded a $2.7 million grant to fund a stormwater and storm-surge mitigation project that will protect the flood-prone downtown area as well as the major evacuation route for the Cape May County shore community.

The funding from the Department of Environmental Protection’s Flood Hazard Risk Reduction and Resiliency Grant Program will be used to protect businesses and homes in the downtown area between 88th and 99th streets. This area sustains repetitive flooding that impedes evacuations via the 96th Street Bridge.

The project entails installation of remotely operated tide-control valves at existing bayside stormwater discharge pipes that can be closed to prevent storm surge from overwhelming the stormwater-collection system in the area. In addition, streets will be elevated to improve collection of rainwater, which will be diverted to a storm-hardened, bayside pump station to be built at 93rd Street.

The Borough of Stone Harbor will provide an additional $300,000 toward the project and will fund design costs.

“This project exemplifies the diverse and innovative strategies we are putting into place to protect our shore communities that are so important to the economic vitality and identity of New Jersey,” said DEP Commissioner Bob Martin. “This project will protect businesses and homes in the heart of Stone Harbor and will ensure residents and visitors will be able to access the main evacuation route off the barrier island in the event of a weather emergency.”

Storm surge from Great Channel between Stone Harbor and Middle Township on the mainland routinely pushes into the stormwater discharge pipes, swamping the downtown area and preventing proper discharge of rainwater into the channel.

The DEP’s Flood Hazard Risk Reduction and Resiliency Grant Program is part of the Christie Administration’s multi-faceted and integrated approach to protecting coastal areas following the devastation of Superstorm Sandy in October 2012.

The $50 million Flood Hazard Risk Reduction and Resiliency Grant Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program.

As part of this second round of funding, Wildwood recently received more than $12 million and North Wildwood was awarded nearly $10 million for stormwater and flood-control projects that will protect homes, businesses, infrastructure and coastal evacuation routes.

During a first round of funding the DEP provided $18.8 million for projects to improve flood controls and provide ecological enhancements to a series of coastal lakes in Monmouth County that were severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy and flooded surrounding communities.

The program complements the Administration’s comprehensive Sandy recovery and resiliency efforts. These efforts include construction of engineered beaches and dunes and other flood mitigation strategies in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and HUD, Blue Acres buyouts of flood-prone residential properties, the DEP’s partnership with the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to provide financing for hardening of water and wastewater infrastructure, and partnerships with HUD to protect urban areas of the state. 

Just across from Stone Harbor and near the bridge, the DEP has teamed up with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Jersey Department of Transportation, The Nature Conservancy, Green Trust Alliance and Rutgers University to evaluate an innovative technique to restore degraded salt marshes to absorb storm surge from bays and other coastal waters. 

The process uses sand and sediments pumped from navigation channels to slightly elevate marshlands degraded by subsidence, erosion and sea-level rise so that marsh grasses can take root and help act as a cushion to storm surge. 

The DEP, working in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers, has also launched a three-year study to address flooding from back bays and other coastal waterways.

The Back Bays Flood Risk Management feasibility study will evaluate a host of structural and non-structural strategies in a 950-square-mile area of coastal Atlantic, Burlington, Cape May, Ocean and Monmouth counties. Strategies that will be evaluated include storm-surge barriers, tide gates, levees, floodwalls, drainage improvements, beach and dune restoration, saltmarsh restoration and creation of living shorelines, which are areas planted with native marsh grasses and shellfish to provide natural flood buffers.

For more information on the flood hazard mitigation grant program, visit:

For more inform on the Back Bays Flood Risk Management feasibility study, visit:





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A Message from the Stone Harbor Public Works Department


The Borough of Stone Harbor Department of Public Works would like to remind all residents that Cape May County Participates in “Single Stream Recycling”.

Please click on the following link to view the Single Stream Recycling information provided by the Cape May County MUA.

Single Stream Recycling


If residents and visitors have questions regarding trash or recycling please contact the Department of Public Works at (609)368-7311

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DC Level 2, Fast Electric Car Charging Station Available in Stone Harbor


DC Level 2, Fast Electric Car Charging Station Available in Stone Harbor

The Borough of Stone Harbor in partnership with U-Go Stations Inc. is happy to announce the installation of a DC Fast Charge Electric Car Charging Station at the 94th Street “free” parking lot.

The newly installed charging station now offers owners of electric vehicles who visit the shore the ability to recharge their vehicles during their vacations. This public charging station will bring electric car owners to Stone Harbor to recharge their vehicles while enjoying the “Seashore at its Best”.

The charging station is available 24 hours a day. For people visiting Stone Harbor for the day who have no accommodations for electric service, the station will offer them an opportunity to recharge their vehicle to get back home. The DC Fast Charger can provide a full charge within 30 minutes.

The Stone Harbor Green Team, a group of volunteers that promotes environmentally friendly projects, was instrumental in obtaining the Electric Car Charging station for the Borough of Stone Harbor. The Borough was fortunate enough to receive the DC Fast Charging Station as part of an infrastructure development program provided by U-Go Stations in conjunction with Nissan North America and EVgo. U-Go Stations agreed to partner with the Borough and facilitated the installation at our 94th Street Parking Lot. There is no cost to taxpayers and the borough gets a nominal fee for the charging service provided.

Most owners of electric cars subscribe to a national network for payment based on the number of minutes it takes to secure a charge however as an alternative the user can pay a nominal fee plus usage per minute and pay using a credit card. The charging system is designed to get the job done quickly and is capable of charging all vehicles with fast charging capabilities and can accommodate a Tesla so long as the Tesla owner has their proprietary adapter handy. When the vehicle is fully charged, you get an email or a text message saying it’s ready.

The Borough of Stone Harbor’s Green Team hopes that the installation of the public charging station will encourage consumers to explore green technology. The Borough of Stone Harbor is committed to sustainable initiatives and will continue to work towards educating residents and visitors on the importance conservation.

A Grand opening of the Electric Car Charging Station is scheduled for Friday, July 15th at 10am at the 94th Street Location. Several versions of Electric Cars will be on display. Representatives from U-Go Stations along with Mayor and Council will be in attendance. Mayor Suzanne Walters will cut the ribbon officially opening the charging station for public use.


The Borough of Stone Harbor Green Team would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to join them as they host the 2nd Annual Go Green Fair being held at the 94th Street Parking lot on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 from 11am to 2pm. In addition to the newly installed car charging station there will be several businesses and organizations at the fair providing information that will enable homeowners to control cost and save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life for the future.


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