Managing Wildlife within the Borough of Stone Harbor


Over the past year the Borough of Stone Harbor has encountered many animal nuisance complaints specifically involving skunks and raccoons.

Shore Animal Control has been working very hard to trap and/or maintain the wildlife population within the Borough however it has come to their attention that feeding of the feral cat population in our community may be one of the biggest reasons that the skunks and/or raccoons are thriving.  Chapter 147-20, Ordinance #1371 Prohibits feeding of wildlife and/or stray domestic animals.

Animal control has also provided a Homeowner checklist to deter skunks/raccoons and other wildlife at your property.   

There are State Regulations that must be adhered to when handling the trapping of wildlife in our community. Shore Animal Control is doing their best to educate homeowners on the best practices to deter the animals from establishing a nest on your property.

If you encounter a problem with wildlife which results in damage to your property please call our non-emergency number (609)368-2111 and ask them to contact Animal Control.

We appreciate your attention to the information provided and hope that these guidelines are helpful.

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mPay2Park ~ Available in Stone Harbor


Please be advised that the Borough of Stone Harbor now offers the ability to pay your parking meter fee via mobile app.

Meter enforcement and tracking is available through Realtime and is monitored by the Stone Harbor Police Department via iPad.

Please note that meters will continue to “Blink” as if time has expired when paid through this service, however verification can be completed easily and efficiently by the Stone Harbor Police Department.

Please visit the mPay2 website for details

Pay by simply logging into a registered account created or the app downloaded to a smart phone


The initial registration takes only minutes and once established a parking transactions take even less time. You no longer have to leave your car to pay an attendant or worry about change to fill a meter. With a push of the button on your mobile phone, parking time may also be extended from a

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Stone Harbor Point ~ A Very Special Place


Stone Harbor Point


Stone Harbor Point is a very special place. It’s a designated conservation area and, because of this, its uses are limited.

It is a place to enjoy nature walking, fishing, beachcombing and bird-watching. When you visit the point, please do your part. Stay out of areas protected for beach-nesting birds. If you see shore birds or their young resting or feeding on the beach, give them wide berth and don’t cause them to fly. It wastes critical energy and impacts their health and well-being.

Remember ~ dogs are never permitted at Stone Harbor Point because the birds think they are predators.

Enjoy the beauty and wonders of the special place that is Stone Harbor Point and remember that for the species that spend time there, it’s a critical place. With habitat loss and coastal development, the point provides some of the last great wild places for their survival.

You never know what you’ll see during a visit to the point. It’s a great place to catch a glimpse of some amazing wildlife in action and also a great place to help them as well as reconnect with the wonders of Seven Mile Beach.






Please Abide by Rules & Regulations Established to Ensure Everyone’s Safety

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