DC Level 2, Fast Electric Car Charging Station Available in Stone Harbor

//DC Level 2, Fast Electric Car Charging Station Available in Stone Harbor


DC Level 2, Fast Electric Car Charging Station Available in Stone Harbor

The Borough of Stone Harbor in partnership with U-Go Stations Inc. is happy to announce the installation of a DC Fast Charge Electric Car Charging Station at the 94th Street “free” parking lot.

The newly installed charging station now offers owners of electric vehicles who visit the shore the ability to recharge their vehicles during their vacations. This public charging station will bring electric car owners to Stone Harbor to recharge their vehicles while enjoying the “Seashore at its Best”.

The charging station is available 24 hours a day. For people visiting Stone Harbor for the day who have no accommodations for electric service, the station will offer them an opportunity to recharge their vehicle to get back home. The DC Fast Charger can provide a full charge within 30 minutes.

The Stone Harbor Green Team, a group of volunteers that promotes environmentally friendly projects, was instrumental in obtaining the Electric Car Charging station for the Borough of Stone Harbor. The Borough was fortunate enough to receive the DC Fast Charging Station as part of an infrastructure development program provided by U-Go Stations in conjunction with Nissan North America and EVgo. U-Go Stations agreed to partner with the Borough and facilitated the installation at our 94th Street Parking Lot. There is no cost to taxpayers and the borough gets a nominal fee for the charging service provided.

Most owners of electric cars subscribe to a national network for payment based on the number of minutes it takes to secure a charge however as an alternative the user can pay a nominal fee plus usage per minute and pay using a credit card. The charging system is designed to get the job done quickly and is capable of charging all vehicles with fast charging capabilities and can accommodate a Tesla so long as the Tesla owner has their proprietary adapter handy. When the vehicle is fully charged, you get an email or a text message saying it’s ready.

The Borough of Stone Harbor’s Green Team hopes that the installation of the public charging station will encourage consumers to explore green technology. The Borough of Stone Harbor is committed to sustainable initiatives and will continue to work towards educating residents and visitors on the importance conservation.

A Grand opening of the Electric Car Charging Station is scheduled for Friday, July 15th at 10am at the 94th Street Location. Several versions of Electric Cars will be on display. Representatives from U-Go Stations along with Mayor and Council will be in attendance. Mayor Suzanne Walters will cut the ribbon officially opening the charging station for public use.


The Borough of Stone Harbor Green Team would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to join them as they host the 2nd Annual Go Green Fair being held at the 94th Street Parking lot on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 from 11am to 2pm. In addition to the newly installed car charging station there will be several businesses and organizations at the fair providing information that will enable homeowners to control cost and save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life for the future.


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