New Jersey Coastal Coalition (NJCC)

Weather Emergency Alert App is now public! 

As a member of the NJCC, the Borough of Stone Harbor has been assisting with the development of the NJCC App.  Funding for the NJCC App development has been provided by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Insurance Council of New Jersey (ICNJ) through their storm resiliency initiative.

The NJCC App is now available to the public and provides users with a mobile phone or computer the following information:

  • Text messaging and/or e-mail for storm warnings issued by the Borough of Stone Harbor.
  • Real time maps of flooding issued by the Borough.
  • Safe parking locations.
  • Current weather information and area storm warnings.
  • Maps of where possible flooding may occur.
  • Maps of Evacuation routes.

Please sign-up using the following link to receive alerts.