March 20, 2023

The Piping Plovers have returned!  Vehicles Prohibited on the Beaches

Recently, five Piping Plovers were spotted on the Stone Harbor beaches. These small, sand colored birds are Endangered and are a good indicator species of the health of the ecosystem. Their return to Stone Harbor is a testament to the outstanding environmental stewardship displayed by this community.

In order to protect the birds at their nesting time of the year, Stone Harbor is closing all vehicular beach access roads. No one, except Stone Harbor officials, should be driving on the beach effective immediately to protect these endangered birds.

If you see a Piping Plover, DO NOT approach it. DO NOT Touch it. Keep your dogs leashed and away from the birds. Any Disturbance by Humans to these birds, especially early in the season when males are claiming their territories and pairing up with female birds, will severely reduce the chances of the Plover’s survival. Human Disturbance has been shown to cause the birds to abandon their eggs or chicks and can interrupt their feeding habits at critical times for feeding.  DO NOT DISTURB ANY PIPING PLOVERS!