Sevenson Environmental is preparing to begin Phase II of the Back Bay Dredge Project.

Once authorization is received backbay dredging will begin.

 Any bayfront homeowner who wishes to have their private boat slip(s) dredged must complete the “Authorization to Price” Form providing Sevenson with contact information and the desire to obtain a quote for the work to be completed.

“Authorization to Price” Individual Boat Slip(s) Form

This form should be e-mail or returned by regular mail directly to Sevenson Environmental Inc.

The Contract to Dredge individual homeowners boat slips is strictly between the Homeowner and Sevenson Enviromental.

Please click on the link below to view the tentative schedule for Phase II of the Stone Harbor Backbay Dredge Project.

SH Backbay Dredge Schedule ~ Phase II (Tentative)




Authorization for Price to Dredge Individual Homeonwer Private Boat Slip(s)

“Authorization to Price” Individual Boat Slip(s) Form