July water consumption in Stone Harbor came close to exceeding the NJDEP allocation level. Exceeding this allocation may result in costly fines imposed by the State. To remedy this situation, the Borough has implemented an education program to encourage water conservation. There are many simple, individual conservation methods that can help slow the rate of water usage overall.

One of the simplest methods of conservation with a significant impact is monitoring the use of water in landscapes and gardens. In 2013, watering restrictions were established (Ordinance #1429) and an irrigation schedule was put into effect. The mandatory irrigation schedule is as follows:

  • North of 96th Street may water on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • South of 96th Street may water on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
  • 6:00pm — 9:00am only
  • No More than 30 minutes per zone
  • Watering on Sunday is prohibited.

Homeowners in Stone Harbor should be aware that the Borough is taking measures to strictly monitor irrigation usage to ensure compliance with these watering restrictions. Homeowners are reminded that non-compliance will result in a summons and fine.

Homeowners should also consider using sustainable landscaping and gardening methods as it will protect the environment and property values.

An abundance of information in reference to water conservation methods can be found on the internet. Get started by visiting some of these websites: Jerseyyards.org; NJWaterSavers.rutgers.edu; NPSNJ.org; Water.rutgers.edu

The summer of 2020 continues to deliver unprecedented circumstances in the Borough of Stone Harbor. The influx of homeowners along with the high number of rentals, and many local residents working from home has resulted in a significant increase in water usage for the Borough. We ask for your cooperation and help to keep our water usage in check.