The Stone Harbor Elementary School will be hosting the annual Arbor Day Celebration on Friday, April 27th @ 1:30pm.  This event will be taking place out on the playground at Stone Harbor School, 275 93rd Street.

Grades K-4 will be sharing songs, stories, poems, and Arbor Day facts in honor of the celebration.

The Stone Harbor Garden Club has generously donated the Arbor Day Tree.

Each year the school plants a tree to honor someone the school community admires and appreciates. This year’s tree is being dedicated to Mr. David Hoy, a longtime member of the Stone Harbor Elementary School family.

The Borough of Stone Harbor, in partnership with The Lomax Consulting Group, will be distributing tree seedlings as Arbor Day Gifts to Stone Harbor Elementary Students.

For the homeowner, Arbor Day is an excellent opportunity to take stock of the trees on your property and plan for the future. Inspect your trees noting any broken branches or evidence of disease or insect infestation. Think about how planting new trees might improve the look of your property or provide wind or heat protection.  The Borough strongly encourages the planting of native species adapted to the unique growing conditions on a coastal barrier island.

The Stone Harbor Shade Tree Committee has prepared a pamphlet which provides information on the importance of maintaining and replacing trees indigenous to our area. The Borough has earned approval of the Community Forestry Management Plan, which sets goals for managing and maintaining the Borough’s tree resources.

As a Tree City USA community for 20 years, the Borough is a recognized leader in responsible stewardship of its trees. Arbor Day is a perfect opportunity to recognize these accomplishments and remind residents and visitors alike of the importance of trees. By gifting trees to the elementary students the Borough aims to inspire future stewardship by the next generation.