March 21, 2023 – Information below was provided by the Cape May County Department of Mosquito Control

To: Municipal Clerks of Cape May County, 2023

Pesticide regulations (N.J.A.C. 7:30-9.10(e)) require us to supply a packet of information, including NJ Department of Environmental Protection approved fact sheets for each pesticide we use, and a Question and Answer sheet explaining the aspects of our program. Municipalities are encouraged to share this information with residents in their community, if they wish.

The Cape May County Department of Mosquito Control performs mosquito control pesticide applications throughout Cape May County in response to larval mosquito production and adult mosquito populations from April 15 through November 15 of each season.

For larval mosquito control by ground in Cape May County, we apply both liquid and granular forms of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (B.t.i.) (Vectobac, VectoPrime, VectoMax, etc.), Bacillus sphaericus (B.s.) products (VectoLex, VectoMax, etc.), Methoprene (Altosid, Metalarv, VectoPrime, etc) and Spinosad (Natular, Censor, etc.).  There are many occasions to make small applications of hand-applied products to small larval habitats.  In these situations, we would use larvicide oil (BVA2, etc), B.s. products (Vectolex, etc.), B.t.i briquettes (FourStar, etc) and Methoprene products (Altosid, etc.).  By helicopter, our primary larvicides are granular forms of B.t.i. (Vectobac, VectoPrime, VectoMax, etc), B.s. (VectoLex, VectoMax, etc.), and Methoprene (Altosid, Metalarv, VectoPrime, etc.).

We also treat all catch basins and storm drains known to produce mosquito larvae with larvicide oil (BVA2, etc.), B.s. products (Vectolex, etc.) and Methoprene products (Altosid, etc.).

In certain situations, control of adult mosquitoes may be necessary. The following pesticides would be applied by truck mounted Ultra Low Volume sprayers: Sumithrin/piperonyl butoxide (Anvil 2+2, Anvil 10+10, Aqua Anvil), Prallethrin/Sumithrin/piperonyl butoxide (Duet, Aqua Duet), Etofenprox (Zenivex E20, AquaZenivex), Permethrin/piperonyl butoxide (Aqua Reslin) and Pyrethrins (Merus 3.0). Aerial applied adulticides would include Malathion (Fyfanon), Prallethrin/Sumithrin/piperonyl butoxide (Duet HD), Etofenprox (Zenivex E20) and Pyrethrins (Merus 3.0).

The following are important numbers:

  • National Pesticide Information Center: 1-(800)-858-7378
  • New Jersey Poison Information & Education System: 1-(800)-222-1222
  • NJDEP Bureau of Pesticide Compliance: 1-(609)-984-6513

(for pesticide regulation information, pesticide complaints, and health referrals)

If you have any further questions on mosquito control in your municipalities, please feel free to contact this office at 609-465-9038. We maintain a telephone hotline which can be accessed by pressing “1”. Our website is:

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