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Stephen C. Ludlam Post 331
117th Street and Second Avenue
Stone, Harbor

The American Legion is a fraternal organization dedicated to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, to perpetuate patriotism, and to foster traditional American values. Legion men and women remember, and we help others to remember, the sacrifices that have been made to keep America free.

The American Legion sponsors:

  • The Memorial Day Parade and Community Picnic.
  • Flag Day and Veterans’ Day Ceremonies.
  • Membership Meeting 1st Tuesday of month.

The Stone Harbor Lions Club was organized on January 16, 1952, by twenty-eight of the Island’s business and professional leaders. The Club was chartered on March 4, 1952. It is the Island’s oldest service organization. The Club is fraternal, social, and service oriented, raising funds primarily for the benefit of Volunteers In Medicine (VIM) and the Jersey Cape Center for the Blind, and also to aid the visually impaired, hearing disabled, and the “needy.” Membership varies between fifty and one hundred. Membership in the Club is by invitation and requires a sponsor. Club dues are $220 per year, which includes the cost of dinner at the twice-monthly dinner meetings. The Club meets for these dinners on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at various local restaurants. The Internal Revenue Service has approved the Club for tax-exempt and tax-deduction status.

You may contact the Lions Club at:
P.O. Box 325
Stone Harbor, NJ 08247
Attention: Secretary

What do we do?

Our primary mission is to select and to recommend candidates for endorsement to represent the regular Republican Party in the primary elections, and to acquaint our members with Republican incumbents at all levels of government.

Why do we do it?

To promote the principles of freedom, equality and justice on which the government of this country is founded.

How do we do it?

  • We meet approximately 6 times per year;
  • We collect, share and disseminate information to our members relative to our local interest and concerns;
  • We discuss issues and promote initiatives for good and efficient government;
  • We host a gala affair in May to raise awareness of who we are;
  • We host a gala affair in May to raise awareness of who we are;

Who are our members?

Primarily Republicans 18 years or older who have an interest in our local society and good government. (Dues are $5 per year.)

For additional information, write to:

The Stone Harbor Republican Club
P.O. Box 242
Stone Harbor, NJ 08247
Attention: Secretary
For more information, you may call 368-5102