FEMA 2017 FMA Grant Application Opportunity for Elevations

Cape May County and the municipalities of Ocean City, Sea Isle City, North Wildwood, West Wildwood, City of Cape May, Upper Township, Stone Harbor and Egg Harbor Township are coordinating an effort to develop a FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant application to elevate severe repetitive loss structures. The FMA program provides 100-percent funding of eligible costs for severe repetitive loss/repetitive loss (SRL/RL) elevation projects.  The grant covers elevation costs of the existing structure only.  You are invited to participate in this grant application which is fully voluntary.  This FMA opportunity is a nationwide competitive grant.


The first step to participate is to attend a meeting for interested property owners. A meeting is currently scheduled on Saturday, September 9, 2017, at 10:00am, Ocean City Tabernacle, 550 Wesley Ave, Ocean City.


Property owners who wish to participate in this program are required to provide the following fee and documentation, and are encouraged to provide copies at the meeting. (see below).  Additionally, at the meeting, you will receive information regarding this grant opportunity and steps moving forward to further develop the FEMA FMA grant application.  Information discussed at the meeting will include:


  • Overview of the FEMA FMA grant program
  • Requirements to participate
    • Application fee of $1200 payable to Ocean City New Jersey (if the grant is awarded, this is an eligible reimbursable cost (100% for SRL properties and 90% for RL properties)
    • Affidavit (notary required)*
    • Notice of Voluntary Interest*
    • FEMA Model Acknowledgement of Conditions (notary required)*
    • FEMA Declaration and Release Form*
    • Four pictures of property taken from each side
    • Proof of NFIP flood insurance (e.g., current policy declaration with insurance company and policy number)
    • NFIP Elevation Certificate (if available)

* The names and signatures of ALL owners on the current property deed required on this form.

  • List of data needed from each property owner who wishes to be considered (e.g., flood loss information)
  • Schedule and deadlines – ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION IS DUE BY SEPTEMBER 14, 2017
  • Information regarding the grant process and all required forms are available for download at: http://www.capemaycountyhmp.com/Pages/2017-FMA-Grant-Program.aspx


Property owners need to be aware of the following conditions associated with this grant program:

  • This is a reimbursement program, thus property owners will be responsible for covering costs and then request reimbursement with proper documentation once the elevation project is completed. This grant is for elevation of the existing structure only.
  • Properties mitigated using Federal mitigation grant funding are required to maintain NFIP flood insurance on the property in perpetuity.   This flood insurance requirement becomes part of the property deed.

Property Owner Notice of Voluntary Interest 081617


Declaration and Release