Urgent Message from the Stone Harbor Utilities Department

The Borough of Stone Harbor would like to remind homeowners that if they have not properly winterized their homes for the winter months they should consider checking the property to ensure that there are no frozen/broken pipes within the home.

Over the past few weeks the temperatures in Stone Harbor and surrounding towns have not risen above 32 degrees and wind chill factors have been below 0.   Many year round homes, that have heat running above 55 degrees and water usage on a daily basis have experienced broken/frozen pipes resulting in water damage and added plumbing expenses.

To date the Stone Harbor Utilities Department has completed over 100 Emergency Turn offs due to broken water pipes.   The Utilities Department will complete an Emergency Turn off if there is visible water leaking from the home – example outside shower or crawl space.  There is a $200.00 fee charged to the homeowner for this service.  ($300.00 for each subsequent occurrence).    If a pipe bursts inside the home the Utilities Department will be unaware of the problem.  If the pipes freeze and break there may be no indication that there is any problem until the temperatures rise above 32 degrees and a thawing occurs.

Again we are encouraging all homeowners to complete a property check routinely during for the remainder of the winter season or have your home properly winterized to avoid the possibility of further damage and additionally the unnecessary loss of our most precious resource ~ WATER!


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