On Saturday, November 7, 2015 Sevenson Environmental Representatives met with property owners to discuss what the necessary steps will be to obtain a quote for dredging private slips.  Sevenson handed out draft agreements and asked residents to fill in contact information only and return to Sevenson as soon as possible.  Once received the property owner will be contacted by a representative of Sevenson to do a site visit.  Once completed they will be able to provide homeowner with a price to have their individual slip(s) dredge while the contractor is dredging the adjacent basin.  According to Sevenson their tentative schedule is to begin dredging the North Basin as soon as Thursday, November 12th and Shelter Haven on Tuesday, November 17th followed by  Carnival Bay on Friday, November 20th, Sanctuary Bay on December 7th and Paradise Bay on December 14th.  (Dates are only an estimate) The remaining basins are scheduled for September of 2016, however the Borough has submitted a plan modification to NJDEP and ACOE to have the Winter Flounder restrictions lifted.  Once approved the Contractor will then be able to extend the time of dredging several months.  It will be possible that the basins scheduled in 2016 will be moved forward and done in the beginning of 2016 instead of fall of 2016. The Borough will post updates on the schedule frequently.    It is important for those property owners in these areas to get their contact information back to Sevenson as soon as possible.  Almost all in attendance turned their forms in immediately.  If you were unable to attend the meeting a link to a  copy of the paperwork is below.  Please fill in the highlighted areas and email back to Sevenson as soon as possible or drop off to Borough Hall attention to:  Jill Gougher, Borough Administrator.  We will get form to contractor immediately.  Any questions can be emailed to Sevenson at stoneharbor@sevenson.com or call 716-998-2086.

Authorization for Price to Dredge Form

To view the most recent survey showing dredging limits for Basins and Private Slips click on link below:

A067772_Condition Survey_1.0