Stone Harbor Beach Replenishment Update 3/16/17

//Stone Harbor Beach Replenishment Update 3/16/17

Stone Harbor Beach Fill Update as of March 16, 2017


The beach fill project resumed this weekend in Avalon.   As of last week, 135,112 cubic yards of sand has been placed on the north end beaches near 9th Street in Avalon.  Prior to this 385,160cy was placed on Stone Harbor beaches from 123rd Street and tapering off at 105th Street.   The Avalon portion of the beach fill project has approximately 32 days remaining; that schedule is also dependent on safe weather conditions and the mechanical condition of the dredge.  A post-storm survey was completed on March 16th to assess the damage created by last Tuesday’s coastal storm.

In Stone Harbor, crossovers have been repaired as far as the 104th Street beach, by the end of the day on March 16th.  Contractor will stop at 105th and not repair any other crossovers until they begin the additional replenishment in Stone Harbor.   Beach crossover work will begin on the repaired beaches in Avalon in approximately ten days.  The work crew will repair the crossovers as the new beach is being built.

The final component to this beach fill project will begin after Avalon’s beaches are complete.   When the bulk of the Avalon beach fill project ends in approximately five weeks, there will be a two day start to the next phase of the project.  The sand will be placed on the Avalon beachfront first, before the work is conducted in Stone Harbor.  The dredge pipe will be submerged from Townsend’s Inlet in the ocean to the landing zone located at the 83rd Street beach in Stone Harbor.  The project in southern Avalon and from 80th Street to 105th in Stone Harbor should take no more than 23 days to complete after it begins.  The anticipated end date would be June 17th.