Van Drew Urges Secretary Bernhardt to Fix Bureaucratic Error and Save Stone Harbor Millions for Flood and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Project

Inexplicably, in 2016, under the previous administration, the Fish and Wildlife Service arbitrarily reversed its prior decision and revoked the exception that allowed the Stone Harbor to use sand from the borrow area at Hereford Inlet. This decision increased project costs by more than $6.5 million that were borne by taxpayers.

Rep. Van Drew is seeking to fix this Obama-era mistake made by Washington bureaucrats and reduce project costs by at least $6.5 million as Stone Harbor seeks to renourish its coastline once again.

“The goals of CBRA are worthy goals, but in the case of the Stone Harbor Project, CBRA is creating unnecessary red tape that will have the opposite effect of what CBRA intended,” said Van Drew. “I won’t rest until this mistake gets fixed and I will exhaust all possible solutions.”

If this problem does not get corrected as soon as possible, Stone Harbor will not be able to get its beach renourished and therefore remain vulnerable going into the winter storm season.