The Borough of Stone Harbor Utilities Department along with the Go Green Committee are urging homeowners to properly winterize their seashore/second homes this winter.

The Winter Season will officially begin on December 21st.  Freezing temperatures and high winds this past weekend has already resulted in three homes having an emergency turn off  being completed by the Utilities Department due to frozen/broken pipes within the home.

The damage to a home from a broken water pipe can be devastating and the charge for utility water usage due to continued running water can be costly.  All water, whether wasted or used, is billed accordingly.

Per Borough Ordinance The Utilities Department shall not be held accountable for any damage which may result from leaks, burst pipes, or from any other cause in occupied or unoccupied houses, buildings or places of business.

A turnoff charge of $250 will be made if the Utilities Department has effected a temporary turnoff of the water service because of an emergency. A second subsequent turnoff hereunder will result in the imposition by the Borough of a charge of $500. Each subsequent turnoff will result in the imposition by the Borough of a charge of $750. Service may only be restored by a licensed New Jersey plumber.

In addition to all the charges that can accumulate due to a broken water pipe caused by freezing temperatures, the loss of water  can be calculated into the millions.

Please be sure to properly winterize your home not only to protect your home but to protect against the loss of a very precious asset – WATER!