Kim Stevenson, RMC, CMR
Borough Clerk

Megan Brown, CMR
Deputy Borough Clerk

Tiffany Haungs, CMR

Monday to Friday – 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Phone: 609-368-6800 – Fax: 609-368-2619

The Municipal Clerk is entrusted with numerous and diverse duties under both State law and local ordinances.  Per the state, the Clerk is the secretary to the governing body, secretary to the municipal corporation, the local election official and registrar of voters, and an administrative official at the municipal government level.  Under local ordinances, the Clerk processes various permits, licenses, and applications.  In addition, the Clerk’s office maintains records including all resolutions, ordinances, agendas, contracts, and minutes for the municipality. The Clerk is the Registrar of Vital Statistics processing and maintaining all birth, marriage and death records for events that occur within our municipal borders.

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