9508 Second Avenue
Stone Harbor, NJ 0824
Stone Harbor Fire Prevention Bureau Website

Fire Official Roger W. Stanford
(609) 368-5102 Ext 109
E-Mail: fireofficial@stone-harbor.nj.us

Fire Inspector Jim Bailey
(609) 368-5102 Ext 137
E-Mail: fireinspector@shnj.org

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Rental License Fee – $100.00 per unit
Fire Inspection Fee: $50 per unit

  • Inspection fee payments must be received on or before December 31 for the upcoming season or a $50 late fee will be due. Inspections start the first week of January thru April for renewals, based on your property location. (Late fee does not apply to NEW rental registrations)
  • Rental and Fire fees are not refundable. If you sell the property, the license is transferable to the new owner. (If you decide not to rent, notify us in writing promptly. You will be responsible for re-inspection fees.)
  • There is a $25 charge for each re-inspection date.
  • Must have a Cape May County Representative with a key to access a rental property. Ask your realtor to make sure the keys work, before giving them to the Inspector.

Most Frequent Fire Inspection Violations

  1. One fire extinguisher is required for each kitchen.
    1. The extinguisher must have a minimum rating of 2A 40 BC, can be higher (ex 3A 40 BC)
    2. The extinguisher must be mounted in the kitchen. If you wish to hang it in a closet/cabinet, you must label the closet/cabinet and mount the extinguisher in front of it. A closet/cabinet that is accessible without passing the cooking unit must be used.
    3. The extinguisher must be inspected yearly by a NJ fire extinguisher dealer and tagged with a service date.
  2. One smoke detector is needed for each floor
    1. On a floor with bedrooms, the detector should be within (10) feet of the bedrooms
    2. New constructions built on or after 1990- smoke detectors are required in the hallway and in each bedroom.
    3. The batteries must be changed yearly, labeling with the date of change is helpful but not necessary.
  3. Hot water heaters, heaters, and furnaces must have a 3’ clearance from stored items and be free of combustibles and flammables.
  4. The property address must be easily distinguished from the street. The house number and or unit must be posted in a minimum of three (3) inch letters/numbers in contrasting color.
  5. Carbon monoxide detectors must be on site when gas, oil, any type of fireplace or an attached garage is present. (one per level and within 10 feet of each sleeping area is needed)
  6. Propane gas grills are not permitted on any deck, under any overhang or within 5 feet of exterior walls. Propane cylinders cannot be stored inside the dwelling.
  7. A knox box is required for properties with alarm systems that are directed to a central dispatch. You may order a knox box at www.knoxbox.com (online purchase, residential knox box, enter zip, select Stone Harbor Vol. Fire Co.) You must have the alarm system tested annually and forward a copy of the certificate of inspection with payment or via fax. (609) 368-4162

Any questions or concerns, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 609-368-5102 Ext 137

Cape May County Fire Extinguisher Servicing Companies

Eastern Fire Protection (609) 399-0400
Genron Fire Protection (609) 624-3000
Reel Fire Protection (609) 465-8019
Richardson’s Screen Repair (609) 368-4459