July 22, 2022 – A message from the Department of Public Works

One popular activity for beachgoers is digging holes in the sand. Kids can even buy tiny little shovels and pails and pretend they’re utility workers excavating broken water lines. But burrowing into sand isn’t as harmless as you might think.

Aside from collapsing sand that can threaten the life of those digging the hole, our staff rakes the beach during “off” hours so you can enjoy our wonderful beaches.  If the beach rake falls into a hole accidently, serious injury to our staff can occur, as well as cause damage to our equipment.  Additionally, digging deep holes such as these exposes pilings and other buried infrastructure and threatens everyone’s safety.

Digging holes in the sand is great family fun.  But please remember for the safety of your loved ones, our employees and the public at large, never dig deeper than the knees of the smallest person in your group and always fill the holes in when your beach day is over.  Thank you!