April 27, 2023

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock (GLDD) has successfully pumped 225,000 cubic yards of sand onto Avalon’s beaches, marking a great start to the project. However, due to the incoming storm this weekend, operations will be temporarily halted, and the dredge will be relocated to Cape May Harbor for 3-4 days to ride out the storm. GLDD is closely monitoring the weather system to resume operations in a timely manner.

GLDD has projected the start of sand movement in Stone Harbor by May 20th-23rd. Visitors to the beaches are reminded to avoid the equipment and pipes that are in the water and on shore. To ensure the safety of everyone, including first responders, early season swimmers and surfers are advised to avoid the areas where work is being carried out. Once sand pumping begins, the beaches where sand is actively being pumped will be closed in 1000’ sections (4 blocks) for approximately 4 days until the next section begins. It is important to stay away from active work areas, which will be well marked.

The operation is a 24/7 undertaking that involves a lot of heavy equipment to distribute the sand to our beaches. GLDD and the Borough of Stone Harbor are committed to ensuring a safe and efficient project, and we appreciate the cooperation of all beachgoers during this time.