October 28,2022 – From the Department of Public Works

All pedestrian accesses to the beaches have been restored and they are all passable!  At 111th Street, the Public Works Team has temporarily converted the vehicular access to a pedestrian access, out an abundance of caution. Vehicles should not use this access point as it will not support the weight of a vehicle.

Access at 109th Street was improved, 110th Street has re-opened and the handicapped access at 111th Street has re-opened, as well.

High tides continue to deposit more sand at 111th to 112th Streets which allowed the expansion of the driving lane over the pilings at the groin.  Unfortunately, the high tide created scour at the Point Roadway (The same area washed out in the Mother’s Day Storm in May).  More sand will be added to try to support that roadway better.  For now, the roadway is passable and safe to drive, but there are obvious Eddy Currents created south of the terminal groin that are contributing to the roadway’s erosion.

Visitors to the beach should stay off the dunes and away from the vertical scarps.  There has been noted improvement in the scarps over the last two weeks due to the forces of nature.

Handicap ramp restoration at 111th St

Restoration of 111th Street from the south looking north.

Volume of sand added on the driving lane at 111th Street.