April 1, 2023

Update on Great Lakes Dredge and Dock’s (GLDD) Beach Nourishment project for Seven Mile Island.

The original plan outlined during the January 25th Pre-Construction Meeting, proposed the dredging of the borrow site in Townsend’s Inlet to have commenced in March. Filling of the displaced sand was then to start in Avalon in early April, working from north to south, eventually reaching Stone Harbor toward to the end of April.

As of April 1st, delays in the start of the dredging have been encountered and GLDD is currently projecting to start beach fill operations in Avalon by April 12 to 14.  The Dredge “Texas” is currently docked in New York receiving predictive and preventative maintenance.  It is expected to leave New York by April 10.

Avalon is expected to receive 581,000 cubic yards of sand, and given the projected production rates GLDD expects to be working in Avalon from April 12 to May 7 (25 days for the 581,000 cubic yards).  There is a two-day mobilization between Avalon and Stone Harbor, so GLDD expects to start filling in sand in Stone Harbor’s northern beaches by May 9.  Currently Stone Harbor expects to receive 714,000 cubic yards of sand which should take 49 days to complete,  The current schedule has the filling operations ending in Stone Harbor on June 27.  These dates are all contingent on no delays related to weather or equipment breakdowns.