July 10, 2023

Protecting Beach-Nesting Birds at the Point!

This week the United States Department of Agriculture, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA & APHIS) is experimenting a new non-lethal, initiative to safeguard migratory birds nesting at the Point from predators.

This new concept, Fladry, consists of a line of eye-catching flagging that serves as a barrier, dissuading predators from entering the area and reducing the risk to our precious bird colonies.

Fladry has successfully deterred mammalian predators in Europe for several decades. Now, for the first time in New Jersey, APHIS is experimenting with Fladry as a protective measure for our beach-nesting birds.

Your cooperation matters, and we kindly request your support and understanding in this endeavor. If you come across the lines and red flags that are part of the Fladry system at Stone Harbor Point this week, please refrain from approaching or disturbing them.

As this is the first implementation of Fladry by APHIS in New Jersey, we’re still learning about its effectiveness specifically for beach-nesting birds. We appreciate your patience and understanding while determining the system’s success. Our goal is that the non-lethal dissuasion method will protect the bird colonies without harming any animals.
Jenny Olson
Director of Tourism and Public Information
Borough of Stone Harbor
609-368-5102 x 340