May 22, 2023 – A message from the Stone Harbor Department of Public Works

Starting May 29th, the Stone Harbor Public Works Department will no longer pick up non-compliant trash and recycling cans. If you have a non-compliant can (compliant cans are listed as ANSI Z245.60 Type B), we will still pick up your trash and recycling this week, however, you will be given a notice on your front door warning you of the impending change next week.

Compliant trash and recycling containers are available at all local hardware stores as well as on line. Can sizes from 32 gallons to 96 gallons can be selected. Twice a week pick up of trash and recycling is now in effect until mid-September. As always, we will retrieve and return your cans to your trash corral as long as it is not in a pool enclosed area or in a pet containment area.