August 28, 2023

The opening of Stone Harbor Point to vehicles, a popular recreational spot, has been postponed until September 19th, this year, in light of active bird nesting in the area. This decision reflects the Borough’s commitment to responsible stewardship of its environment. Originally slated to re-open on September 5th, the opening has been extended by an additional two weeks for vehicles with a current beach permit.

The primary reason for this postponement is to safeguard the bird nesting activities currently underway at Stone Harbor Point. By delaying the vehicle access opening, the Borough aims to minimize disturbances that could negatively impact the success of these nesting efforts. This delay allows the birds to complete their nesting cycle without undue stress or disturbance, contributing to the survival and growth of their populations.

Should circumstances change, and conditions permit an earlier reopening date, the Borough will promptly notify the community.