March 8, 2024

 The Borough of Stone Harbor is pleased to announce the finalized plan for the upcoming sewer relining project along Third Avenue. This project is a component of the major Third Avenue reconstruction and will significantly improve the functionality and lifespan of these vital sewers with minimal disruption to the surrounding businesses.

Project Schedule:

  • Monday, March 11th: Relining work will begin on the Third Avenue sewer between 99th and 98th Streets. Bypass pumping operations will be in effect from 100th to 97th Streets.
  • Tuesday, March 12th: Relining work will continue on Third Avenue between 98th and 96th Streets. Bypass pumping operations will take place from 99th to 96th Streets.
  • Wednesday, March 13th: The project will move to Third Avenue between 96th and 94th Streets for relining. Bypass pumping will be implemented from 97th to 93rd Streets. Please note: Bypass pumping at the 96th Street intersection will be conducted underground to minimize impact on the commercial district.

Important Information:

  • No Parking: “No Parking” signs will be posted along Third Avenue on the scheduled work days.
  • Detours: Localized detours will be established to ensure traffic flow during construction.
  • Shopitude and Shiver Events: This schedule has been planned to avoid disruptions to the upcoming Shopitude event this weekend and the Shiver event next weekend.

Project Benefits:

While this project necessitates short-term traffic adjustments next week, the benefits are significant. Sewer relining is a far less disruptive alternative to full sewer replacement, saving the commercial district from a more extensive construction process. The successful completion of this project will ensure decades of improved service for these essential sewers.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we complete this critical infrastructure project.