May 17, 2023

Below are the latest updates on the ongoing efforts on the Avalon and Stone Harbor beach fill project. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD), the contractor responsible for the project, has successfully placed 581,000 cubic yards of sand, completing the Avalon portion of the project.  With this phase completed, GLDD has commenced demobilizing the equipment in Avalon and is relocating it to Stone Harbor.

The dredge, currently located at Cape May Harbor, is undergoing essential preventive maintenance before commencing sand pumping operations in Stone Harbor. Meanwhile, the booster pump has arrived and is currently being set up for operation.

GLDD aims to begin pumping sand in Stone Harbor on Sunday, May 21, barring any adverse weather conditions. However, the current forecast indicates the possibility of 4 to 6 foot swells on Sunday, which could potentially delay the start of dredging. Updates on the project’s progress will be provided regularly once operations commence.

The planned sand placement for Stone Harbor is an impressive 714,000 cubic yards. Based on preconstruction surveys, modifications have been made to the beach fill template. The revised template now includes additional sand in three distinct areas:

  1. From 80th Street to 87th Street
  2. From 89th Street to 115th Street: The filling in this area will slightly narrow at 96th and 97th Streets, and tapers at the start and finish points.
  3. From 119th to 127th Street groin

GLDD intends to begin work at the northern beaches and progress southwardly, ensuring a systematic and comprehensive beach fill process.

Stay tuned for further updates as Stone Harbor’s Beach Fill Project continues!