May 3, 2023

The Dredge Texas, which had to weather the storms in Cape May Harbor over the past weekend, has resumed pumping sand onto Avalon’s beaches. The dredge was towed back into position at 1 am this morning, and by 9 am, the beach replenishment project was once again underway. The Avalon project is expected to last at least another week before the contractor moves into Stone Harbor.

However, due to the recent delay caused by the storms, the full impact on the project’s timeline is still being evaluated, and an exact start date for Stone Harbor is yet to be determined. According to officials, it is safe to assume that the project will not start before May 20.

As the contractor continues pipe installation work in Stone Harbor, beachgoers and surfers are cautioned to be careful around their work crews. Additionally, off-season swimmers and surfers are being warned not to use the waters between 89th and 92nd streets, where the subline pipeline has surfaced on the beaches.

Stay tuned for further updates on this ongoing beach replenishment project in Avalon and Stone Harbor.